Art degree – year 2 – learnings so far

Chrissie Richards outside Colchester School of Art
Chrissie Richards on the first day of year 2

So after four months off in the summer, I’m in year 2 of my art degree and it’s pretty full on. This semester we’re focussing on art processes across a range of disciplines. The emphasis is on experimenting and risk taking rather than producing resolved work. So if you think what I’m doing looks a bit rough around the edges, you are right!

I find the constant pressure to try new things and not finish anything a bit contradictory as usually I’m used to working towards a finished painting or series of work. Indeed it has been frustrating at times that I get so little time to just paint. I have enjoyed a lot of what we’ve been doing but I would like longer to really go into more depth on some of the things we’ve tried.

Here is a selection of what I’ve been up to, in no particular order…

knitting with clay
Knitting with clay – not very successful!

Some knitted clay
Some knitted clay

I designed some wallpaper
Some wallpaper I designed

sculpture made out of willow and wet strength tissue paper
Sculpture made out of Willow and wet strength tissue paper
black and white etching of a man
An etching from a photograph of my Father
plaster castings
Cast objects in plaster

I have begun to focus my ideas more and I am increasingly interested in memory and identity. Specifically how memories become merged with the present moment in time so much so that I wonder if the present is also the past…

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