mixed media painting of girl and fish by Chrissie Richards
Fish Out of Water

“Innocent narrative figure paintings”

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All artwork is original, made by me, inspired by my life and what I see around me, beautifully finished and ready to be enjoyed by you for years to come.

Chrissie Richards

8 Girls and 2 Boys’ is an intimate group of paintings from lockdown 2021.
These are paintings that invite you to stop and reflect on a calmer slower more mindful way of life…

I am a bit of a butterfly, but try to explore one thing at a time…

I create a series of paintings around a theme or process. They are all made simultaneously each one informing the others until they are fully resolved as a group.

Lately I have been thinking it’s a lot like creating a piece of theatre.

Everything has to be cohesive and work together but the whole series needs change of pace, variety and surprise to be satisfying and exciting.

Affordable works on paper

Mixed media disrupted realism painting study on paper
Life is Out There

Would you like to own an original piece of artwork by me at a very affordable price? Why not check out these works on paper. They come with a backed mount ready to display in a standard size frame.

In front of my favourite Beach Hut in Brightlingsea

I am an artist living in Brightlingsea on the North Essex Coast. I like to create quirky narrative figurative paintings.
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We all see the world differently. Once a month I try to write a piece that sums up what has been happening in the studio or my life. I find it helpful to write down what I think and feel about things. People tell me they find my ramblings interesting or sometimes helpful, so that’s good to know.
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