New Facebook Group

Facebook group

New Facebook Group

I have set-up a Facebook Group called Create – Relax – Repeat. This is a Group for people who want to explore creativity, for joy, relaxation because its good for the soul or because they love to make art or be creative.

Last year after many years of struggling I found the joy of making art. It is a real source of pleasure and satisfaction in my life. I’d like to share my knowledge with others and and also learn from others. 
There is so much stress and anxiety in the world, life is so fast paced, we can find it hard to switch off. It doesn’t have to be like this. Building creativity into our everyday life can be really rewarding, it can be a life saver. People who are creative find it to be a great source of relaxation and helpful for their all round wellbeing.
But, even artists can find it difficult to be creative at times there are so many things that block us from leading a creative life of joy. In this group I hope to explore three main areas:
  • How we can be creative – Create
  • The benefits of creativity – Relax
  • How we can overcome the barriers to being creative – Repeat
 I’d like to walk with you whether you’re a newbie to art or a professional artist.
If this is something that is of interest to you, then please join in the group.
Create Relax Repeat


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