What is important to you?

Morning drawing before social media
This morning, on day three of our five day DRAWB4 challenge, I found myself thinking about what is important to me and what I want to spend time on.

I know that being creative and making time for my art is so valuable to me, and I know that drawing before I get influenced by the world is a good way to start the day. But, sometimes, like this morning, I feel the call to check the messages, check the social media updates and the ‘likes’ and ‘loves’. Of course, I avoided them, because, well because I’m doing this five day challenge with my group, otherwise, today I might have been tempted to check ye old phone first!

That got me thinking about the importance of community and support. It’s so much easier to do things when we enjoy them, feel they are valuable and do them with like minded folk who will support and encourage us.

If you’d like to be more creative why not check out our group. https://Facebook.com/groups/createrelaxrepeat  It is amazing what comes up when you do this simple thing each day. Some people in the group have not drawn for a long time, for some it has been quite emotional, all have found it interesting!

So, thank you for being here, reading this, and thank you to everyone in my group for supporting and encouraging me, I hope you have your own tribe, there’s nothing quite like it.

With gratitude, Chrissie xxx


Chrissie Richards

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