Painting the Lido Pool

In April 2024 I was asked if I could paint a design on the children’s pool at Brightlingsea Lido.  They wanted a design that would encourage the children to play in the pool and follow a trail. They have a sprinkler Octopus so I used this as my inspiration. I’m quite pleased with the result and hope it will encourage lots more families to come and enjoy the Lido this summer.

It was quite hard work to paint the pool as I had to kneel down or bend over a lot, I needed a nice hot bath when I’d finished, but I’m really pleased with the result and would love to do more projects like this.

The pool gets painted every year so next year it might be gone!

I subsequently found out that the sprinkler Octopus was painted by local artist Jane Stewart, check out her work here.

finished lido painting with blue octopus design
The finished design with a little rain water in it!
painting of an octopus on bottom of swimming pool
The finished design from above
The sprinkler octopus at the lido
My inspiration, painted by artist Jane Stewart.