Henry Moore Foundation

From Conversation to Creation

In 2023 as part of my degree at The Colchester School of Art I was invited to work with the team at the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, Hertfordshire.

The brief was to make a work in response to the theme of ‘Vitality’ and Moore’s work.

I created a sculpture which consisted of 18 boxes made out of cardboard. The work was called My Family and Other Memories. It was a play on the exquisite corpses that the surrealist movement introduced and also the multi-part figures that Moore created.

Henry Moore – multi part sculpture in the studio
My Family and Other Memories installed at The Henry Moore Foundation, Hertfordshire.

One of the themes I explored with this work was engaging the audience. I invited them to re-compose the sculpture in any way they wished. Once people overcame their reluctance they enjoyed handling the boxes and making new compositions. Visitors found the work fun and playful.

The exhibition at The Sheep Barn, Henry Moore Foundation, Hertfordshire