8 Girls and 2 Boys

A series of paintings from the isolation of lockdown 2021

This series of paintings was created early in the winter of 2021. It was a time of isolation from friends and family. Let me set the scene: I moved to a new home in November 2020, had a major operation, lost my Mum and then went into lockdown during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In the New Year I decided that I would focus this year on painting people, ironic as I could only see them at a distance apart from my husband!

These characters are painted from a mixture of sources, people I see walking around, from books of old photographs, the Seasalt clothes catalogue and from my imagination.

painting of girl in bobble hat by Chrissie Richards
buoy painting on wall by Chrissie Richards
Just Drifting
painting of girl in yellow coat by Chrissie Richards
Warming Up

They are inspired by the landscape of my new seaside home town of Brightlingsea on the Essex coast.

Brightlingsea looking across to Point Clear

“The characters are quiet, thoughtful and homely. The paintings invite you to be mindful of what you have, to be grateful for friends and family.”

Blue painting of little boy by Chrissie Richards
When I Grow Up
painting of girl in green jumper by Chrissie Richards
A Moment of Calm

“Hair cut by your Mum and hand-knitted jumpers…”

mixed media painting of girl and fish by Chrissie Richards
Fish Out of Water
Painting of girl holding fish by Chrissie Richards
The One That Got Away

“They challenge you to think about how you see the world and
what’s important to you…”

Painting of girl in yellow striped top by Chrissie Richards
First Day of Spring
Nesting Time

“They were painted in the winter time, but they look towards a new beginning with Spring around the corner and the promise of seeing friends and family once more.“

Painting of lady in pink by Chrissie Richards
She Couldn’t Wait to Let Her Hair Down

“We will party once more…”