Artist Support Pledge


During this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many artists have found themselves suffering from the uncertainty caused by the continued spread of coronavirus as exhibitions and events are cancelled. I am one of those artists, my exhibitions open studios and, in person workshops have disappeared. However, I continue to make art and teach online. Art on our walls and as an activity provides an essential form of enjoyment and wellbeing for us.

The Artist Support Pledge initiative idea is simple: Artists commit to the pledge and post images of work for sale, for no more than £200 (not including shipping), and each time their sales reach £1000 they promise to buy another artist’s work for £200 and pass on the support.

This creates a dynamic culture and market, where all can contribute, whatever their level of success. This is a culture dependent on the honesty and generosity of our artistic communities at every level.

This page includes paintings which would usually sell at a higher price but have been adjusted to offer as part of this initiative.

The following paintings are available as part of this initiative

Suffolk abstract landscape painting on shelf with flowers